On Fri, 2017-08-11 at 00:58 -0400, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> We have a very strange problem with Firefox and Xvnc on Linux.
> Running Firefox ESR 45.9.0 on Linux with Classic Theme Restorer (1.5.0)
> and Classic Toolbar Buttons (1.5.0), everything is fine when used in a
> standard Xorg window on the machine running Firefox. BUT, if the same
> configuration is started using Xvnc, for remote access to a single
> Firefox window (and nothing else, for security), the "classic" menu
> segment (File ... Help) displays but isn't clickable, while everything
> else works as expected.

I run Firefox as a main Kiosk on Linux.  No desktop menus, etc.  I
basically use the tab bar as a OS desktop panel, and allow running some
programs using the Commandrun extension (eg. shutdown.)

Although Firefox *is* the desktop I still need to run a window manager
to get X11 focus where necessary.  This may be your problem.  Try
running a minimalistic window manager.  In Gnome2 it was Metacity, but
if you can try a number of other ones.

The window manager can run without decorations -- it's just there to
get X11 focus on the correct application/window.  If it's a Gnome/GTK
one you might also need to start dconf/gconf, etc.  Once it works turn
off the decorations and keystrokes with a theme.

IIRC, in X11 menus are windows.

(I also use that to change the background, otherwise when Firefox fails
to start I get support calls for "blue screen". :)

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