Kumar Kondru wrote:
> I want to keep " Remember History" in privacy tab as users are
> changing the settings in production. And, we should not allow user to
> change it from " Remember History" to others (Never remember history,
> use custom settings for history)
> I tried hard to make changes via config file but it didn't help. So,
> Kindly help me to keep " Remember History" always via config file

You don't say what config changes you've made - but I think you can 
achieve this by adding the following to your autoconfig cfg file:

  lockPref("places.history.enabled", true);
  lockPref("browser.privatebrowsing.autostart", false);

This appears to prevent users selecting 'Never remember history', but 
does allow 'Use custom settings for history' - with 'Remember my 
browsing and download history' locked to 'on'

I guess you will also want to disable Private Browsing ? - if so, then 
this can be done via CCK2 - which also removes the 'Never remember 
history' menu item

James Pearson
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