Summary: Firefox ESR v52.1 even with 26 add-ons runs fast, is stable, and uses a low memory footprint - compared to any more recent Firefox ESR releases.

We shall stay with this Firefox ESR v52.1as long as seems sensible - and then turn to an alternative to Firefox if the Firefox ESR at the time is still as slow as, for example, Firefox ESR v52.6.0 (although all these v52.6.0, v52.5.3, and v52.2.1 were also unacceptable slow and require far too much memory c.f. Firefox ESR v52.1 )

Like many others it seems, we've experienced a slowing down of Firefox ESR over time which recently has resulted in stupidly slow Firefox ESR performance.

Initially we tried creating brand new profiles, which helped for a (very short) period but slowed back to unacceptable levels within a few days of (our) normal usage after re-adding back the 26 add-ons. After reading comments on this list about reverting back to an earlier version we tried this with Firefox ESR versions v52.6.0, v52.5.3, and then v52.2.1 - all suffered the slow down after some normal usage after a few days. Immensely annoying and very, very time consuming to test, we tried removing all add-ons which made a small difference but not for long, we tried disabling safe browsing, and then zapping the SB files, again some help but after a few days slowing back to treacle speeds again.

However, a glimmer of light for us began with a reversion to Firefox ESR v52.1 which, even with our full complement of 26 add-ons and usual extensions has maintained full performance for many days now.

I offer this missive aimed at two groups of folks:
(a) folks like myself needing a version of Firefox ESR that works well and fast, and (b) hopefully the Firefox developers can try and work out where they've gone so badly wrong with more recent versions of Firefox ESR, as reverting back to the near magical Firefox ESR v52.1 has been a wonderful experience, reliable, fast, and usable again - with many, many tabs (around 100) spread across 8-10 windows here, yet still a small memory footprint and I'll say it again, great speed performance
         - with ALL our add-ons running nicely too.

Please Firefox devs, sort out the newer Firefox ESR performance (speed & memory especially) before we all leave Firefox as unworkable.

Happy Firefox ESR v52.1 users!

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