From: James Pearson <>

> Date: Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 7:31 AM
> Subject: Re: [Mozilla Enterprise] Policy data format for Bookmarks in
> Firefox
> To: Kaply Consulting <>
> Cc: "" <>
> Kaply Consulting wrote:>
> >> From what you've indicated previously, I believe Enterprise
> >> Policies will effectively replace what CCK2 current does ? - if so,
> >> is there anything currently supported by CCK2 that won't be by
> >> supported by Policies ?
> >
> > We're trying to get everything, but there might be some little used
> > things that don't make it in the first pass.
> Any ideas at this point of the things that won't make the first pass?

Not yet. We have a general concept of an MVP, but once we have a beta if
there are  things that are not there that folks need, we can still get them

Also we have permission to do policy work on the ESR, so it won't be "no
policy changes until the  next ESR"

> >> Does that mean you will allow setting arbitrary preferences via
> >> the configuration.json file?
> >>
> >> Or, will arbitrary preferences still have to be set via the
> >> autoconfig cfg file?
> >
> > Arbitrary preferences would still need to be set via Autoconfig.
> >
> > We'd like to move away from Autoconfig long term, though, so I'd love
> > to know what specific preferences folks set outside of CCK2 that are
> > needed.
> >
> > We can add policies where necessary.
> I would guess it would be hard to say - there are thousands of possible
> preferences - and I doubt you would want to create policies for every
> preference that a admin might want to have set :-)

No, but we'd like to understand why admins set certain preferences and
figure out if there is a wider use for them.

I think lots of people set preferences just because that's the thing to do.
Ideally we would build policies for most things. I really want to get away
from people changing arbitrary preferences if I can.

> For example, we have a couple of third party extensions we install for
> all users - and we set relevant prefs for these extensions via the
> Autoconfig ...
> So I would guess that you would probably have to support arbitrary
> preferences via Policies ?
That would be an example of why to keep Autoconfig :)

But that won't work post 57 anyway because WebExtensions can't read

If an extension needs a way to read external preferences, it will have to
use something like storage.managed. There's really no way to preset
preferences for an extension.

> That said, I for one, would hope (actually, require) that Autoconfig
> will still exist - as I use it for more than just setting prefs and
> using CCK2

It will probably still exist, but it will be sandboxed back to the original
API so it can be used as intended.


> Thanks
> James Pearson
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