Роман Гинович wrote:
> Hello, i'm read from developer.mozilla.org<http://developer.mozilla.org>:
> "Deploying Firefox in an enterprise environment (before Firefox 60 ESR)"
> "Add-ons in the enterprise"
> but not found answers.
> We have 100pc with Centos 7 (Firefox 52 ESR) and we need autoinstall and 
> enable some extension from AMO 
> (addons.mozilla.org<http://addons.mozilla.org>).
> As I understand, there are two ways:
> - Sideloading (not support autoupdate)
> - Windows registry (not my way, we use Linux)
> Why can not specify the extension ID in browser settings?
> as an example of the "ExtensionInstallForcelist" option in Google Chrome.

You should be able to copy in extensions to the browser/extensions/ 
under the Firefox install directory - and set the relevant 'Scopes' 
preferences in your autoconfig cfg file - see 

James Pearson
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