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 Does any one know what the human eye equivalent is in lenses (using
 the 35mm film as basis of comparison).

 I have heard different numbers i.e.

 1)    The effective focal length of human eye
       is between 13-16mm, and the effective numerical
       aperture is about f3 to f4.

 2.)   The effective focal length of human eye is 50mm

 3.)   The effective focal length of human eye is 105mm

 4.)   The retina ASA, it far exceeds any existing high
       speed films
The 24mm lens on a 35mm camera is the equivalent of the human eye
viewing angle.
Focal length it would be about 57mm when you have the same objects the
same size but the angle in a 35mm camera is significantly narrower.  I
have no idea of Retina ASA.

There is no definitive equivalent focal length of the human eye, related to angle of view.

As a previous poster has pointed out, the eye is not a device like a camera with a set format. It is part of the eye/brain/eye muscle system which all work together. The eye has a very small zone of high resolution (less than the angle of view of a 300mm lens), with a very wide angle of view that is very low resolution. To get a wider high resolution image the eye moves around a lot, scanning the scene. On top of that, focus is automatic for the high resolution center of vision, and the sensitivity is extremely adaptable, using different types of sensors depending on the light level. The brain puts all of this together, correcting the various types of optical aberrations (including linear distortion and light falloff) that the eye produces into the bargain.

Cameras are not eyes, and in the areas of the eye's and brain's competence lag a very great distance behind. Cameras help hold an image, but are very hard to hold up as equivalent in a here-and-now, super versatile optical system.

Apples and oranges. Or meteorites and quasars.

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