> I was searching for Libguestfs information and I came across 
> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/qa-de...@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/RX47AJOSD3QFO7SLVH4OH72MX47C3ZOR/,
>  where you cover Libguestfs.
The thread he references is a AutoQA problem with the libguestfs package.

Please ban this person from the mailing list.
He is sending unsolicitated email, I received a similar email about
PHP some days ago to my personal email address.
He seems to harvest data from the Internet and trying to generate
business from that. Which is fine, but he sends email to random people
and now even mailing lists.

I have not looked at his "reports", but this post probably is quite
close to the truth:
"I just survived a book that I am pretty sure was written by a
computer, and regardless is probably the worst book I've ever read.
Whoever wrote the clever algorithm that generated random ITIL-related
text in this rotten book probably deserves a neck-medal, but surely
their name isn't Blokdijk.  It appears that this horrible book, "ITIL
IT Service Management: 100 Most Asked Questions, by Gerard Blokdijk,"
was written by a real human, but I prefer to assume this was a result
of a poor application of techology..."

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