On 4/15/19 9:36 AM, Troy Dawson wrote:
> Working on a project that deals with Bodhi updates that are in
> testing, I found many old EPEL packages that are still in testing.
> How many are we talking, and how old?
> The following dates are based off the last modification of the bodhi
> update,  In most cases this is when it was done being tested.


> I don't consider 2017, 2018 or 2019 very old.  But everything beyond
> that I start thinking needs to get cleaned up.
> My proposal is that everything 2014 and older be closed, or whatever
> the term is.  They are so old that if they are really needed, they
> need to be rebuilt.


I guess these don't show up in the updates-testing reports because they
have _some_ karma, just not enough to go to stable. Perhaps we should
see about getting that report fixed as well?


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