We're working on some major UI changes for Epiphany 3.24, based on [1].
I should have mailed this list to solicit feedback when we got the
mockup, we've had it nearly a year now. Sorry, I just didn't think to
do so. Anyway, we still have five months to make changes before UI
freeze, so there's plenty of time to complain if you see something you
don't like. Almost everything in the mockup has already been
implemented, except for some details (the lock icon isn't green yet,
and we're currently showing the full URL in the address bar), though
the bookmarks stuff is on a sidebranch still. The exceptions are the
hamburger menu popover (which Iulian is going to work on very soon) and
the page context menu (not currently planned, it might not even be
possible with the current WebKit API, not sure).


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