In the IDE, this works directly: In "Install new software", you can use the P2 
profile directory inside of another Eclipse installation as your repository 
location and install from there. E.g. 

I'm not sure how the director/mirror app handle this - they seem to be more 
picky and have fewer heuristics. So I could imagine that in order to get it to 
work, you might need to specify artifact and metadata repositories separately. 
In that case, I would assume that the profile directory should work as the 
metadata repo, while the Eclipse installation directory (or your bundle pool 
location) would be your artifact repo. This is all guess work though, and I 
didn't try it myself.


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> Hi all,
> It seems like a RCP app p2 profile is somehow like a p2 repo.
> Is there a way, for a given p2-able RCP app, to use it as a software
> source just like a p2 repo on which we can apply director or mirror
> application? The goal is to properly extract content out of an RCP (in
> this case EPP packages) in order to generate another artifact.
> In the context of EPP, that could save about 50% build time as we could
> skip some assemble-repository steps if we can apply what's described above
> instead.
> Cheers,
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