It doesn't make any sense. The shebang is a UNIX way of declaring the
interpreter for an executable script, not for hinting your syntax
highlighter. If your file is not executable (as in, it can't be run with
`./filename`, it shouldn't have a shebang).

On 19 May 2017 at 02:44, Jan Krems <> wrote:

> Tried to search past proposals for this but couldn't find one The short
> version: Most editors / syntax highlighting engines, non-engine parsers,
> node.js - they all support a leading shebang line in .js files. With the
> advent of ES6 modules it's the final holdout where node has to patch the
> script source to make V8 parse the code (and thus producing a mismatch
> between what's on disk and what the engine sees).
> Is there a downside to allow any script or module to begin with the
> magical #! bytes? It should not break existing scripts because it's invalid
> syntax today & the parse overhead should be fairly limited.
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