On Sat, 15 Oct 2016, Martin Maechler wrote:

It could be that you've stumbled over the same problem I had stumbled on,
ca 10 days ago, when I upgraded from emacs 24.x to emacs 25.1 and from
Fedora 22 to 24 Linux.


  I'm still running Slackware-14.1 on this host with emacs-24.3.

Somehow, 'stty' settings got changed in my setup, and together with an old
environment variable default of PAGER=more, and *R* printing help(.) to
the ESS help buffer using the pager, this also lead to "not appearing help
pages" (because more is interactive, and was waiting for "page forward"
inside the ESS help buffer .. yuck !!).

  Yuck, indeed.

For that reason, in the the development version of ESS (also available
from MELPA as far as I know), we now do make use of the ess-pager variable
(again) which defaults to "cat" on Linux, and that *did* solve the above
problem for me.

  Good to know ...

BTW: We plan to release  ESS 16.10  in ca. 10 days, so would be happy if
many of you started to "beta test" it.

  I'll put this on my to-do list.



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