I just wanted to evaluate some of the R code in the .Rnw file in my main R 
process, at global scope.  But ESS seemed to think C-c C-r meant to do 
something else (in that file), like sweaving, instead.  It may have tried just 
to do that on the highlighted region; I didn't investigate except to note it 


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Hi Ross:

Oh, you mean Sweaving and knitting?  That does work but it is a little
flaky at the moment.  There is a recent thread on ess-help about some
bugs in that code, however, no resolution as of yet.  Stay tuned!

Rodney Sparapani, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
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    Hmm, before I got the latest ESS updates, when I did code evaluation
    commands in the .Rnw (vignette) file ESS evaluated the code in R.  Now, when
    I did C-c C-r, it tried to build some tex files.  I think I was using
    C-c C-n before, so I'm not sure if this is a change.  But it sounds as if
    it might be related to the change you highlighted.

    BTW, my intention was that the vignette code is evaluated at global scope.

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