hi, Rodney,

thanks for this message, which i found very informative.

i wonder about a few things.

i'm installing ESS via straight.el.  the recipe is
> (ess :type git :flavor melpa :files ("*.el" "lisp/*.el" "doc/ess.texi"
> ("etc" "etc/*") ("obsolete" "lisp/obsolete/*") (:exclude "etc/other")
> "ess-pkg.el") :host github :repo "emacs-ess/ESS")

the info pages say:

> 1.2 New features in ESS
> =======================
> Changes and New Features in 19.04 (unreleased):

given your message, should this maybe be changed to list "what has
changed recently"?  or a log of changes?  or, some such?

also, =ess-version= reports
> ess-version: 18.10.3snapshot [<unknown>] (loaded from
> /home/minshall/.emacs.d/straight/build/ess/)

and, i always wonder to what extent i'm running more 18.10.3, to what
extent i'm running "19.04-delta".  i'm not sure what one might do if one
is basically following the tip of the git repo (especially via something
like straight.el?).  but, something might be nice?

thanks much for the package.  it's a great help.

cheers, Greg

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