On 22 September 2021 at 15:15, Lionel Henry wrote:
| We'd love to do a release but ESS is not in a good place right now.
| Recent versions of Emacs interrupt background commands (essential to
| completion and contextual help like eldoc) when the user starts
| typing, which causes hard to solve problems.

Yes :-/ I guess that was the state of affairs last time this came up.
| The dev branch is mostly working but not 100% correctly. Unfortunately
| none of us seem to have the time to work on ESS at the moment.
| That said, while Martin, Vitalie and I notice issues here and there,
| we haven't had serious bug reports in a while, despite the dev branch
| being used by many Melpa users. So maybe releasing in the current
| state is better than nothing.

Noted. It's a trade-off. Nobody wants unhappy users from not-quite-baked code
but the staleness is also an issue. And I trust you all to make the right
call. It will, as always, sort itself out eventually.


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