So, After abunch of wasted time trying to get my wireless working in linux, It 
apears that the problem is that these cards are 3.3v, and my laptops dont 
suport 3.3 (only 5). The cards work at 5V though... as Winbloze can use them 
just fine. It looks like the only way to get them to work under linux is to 
hack pcmcia source somehow. But how? I have no idea! I cant even tell you if 
windows is somehow making them run at 3.3, or 5.0? but I can tell you that 
while the modules(pcmcia, hostap, orinoco) load, pcmcia works, the cards do 
not. I have passed the ignore vcc option to the module (which keeps me from 
seeing a bunch of nasty error), but they still dont work. So... if any of you 
know how to get my 3.3 V card to function properly under linux, Id really 
apreciate it! NOTE: yes, they really do work in windows... tested it many 
times... The only thing Im changing between windows and linux is the hard 
disk, all the other hardware is not changed... 
        I understand that running 3.3v cards in a 5v system isnt the best idea, but 
the cards are cheap, the laptops are old... and they've been in the laptops 
for about 6 months now anyway... they still function... 

SIde NOTE: I wrote David Hinds (PCMCIA auuthor/maintainer) at his sourceforge 
email address, but it bounced back :(


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