I think we have that same P4 and it works for me too.  I have a client with a dual
233.  It's never worked with that.  I was hoping that the kernel had progressed
enough to be able to power it off also.  Maybe 2.6.1?

The power off capability is in the kernel.  The right combination will turn off a
single CPU system when you type halt.  The wrong combination will either do nothing
or lock it up.  The coffee hasn't kicked in yet so I'm having trouble the English


Bob Miller ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>Bob Crandell wrote:
>> Has anyone gotten powerdown to work on a Dual CPU system yet?
>I have it working on a hyperthreaded P4, which is sort of like a dual
>CPU system.  Unfortunately, I don't know the magic incantation.  When
>I installed gentoo-sources, it Just Worked[TM].
>I suspect the Gentooers added a kernel patch to make it work.

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