Bob Crandell wrote:

> I think we have that same P4 and it works for me too.  I have a
> client with a dual 233.  It's never worked with that.  I was hoping
> that the kernel had progressed enough to be able to power it off
> also.  Maybe 2.6.1?

Ah.  The new motherboards that support P4C's also support ACPI.
Recent 2.4 kernels support power control through ACPI, even w/ SMP.

Your client's old motherboard wouldn't have ACPI.

If you look at /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/kernel/apm.c, you'll see
this comment.  (I'm looking at vanilla 2.4.21.)

 * See Documentation/ for the configuration options.
 * Various options can be changed at boot time as follows:
 * (We allow underscores for compatibility with the modules code)
 *      apm=on/off                      enable/disable APM
 *          [no-]allow[-_]ints          allow interrupts during BIOS calls
 *          [no-]broken[-_]psr          BIOS has a broken GetPowerStatus call
 *          [no-]realmode[-_]power[-_]off       switch to real mode before
 *                                              powering off
 *          [no-]debug                  log some debugging messages
 *          [no-]power[-_]off           power off on shutdown
 *          [no-]smp                    Use apm even on an SMP box
 *          bounce[-_]interval=<n>      number of ticks to ignore suspend
 *                                      bounces
 *          idle[-_]threshold=<n>       System idle percentage above which to
 *                                      make APM BIOS idle calls. Set it to
 *                                      100 to disable.
 *          idle[-_]period=<n>          Period (in 1/100s of a second) over
 *                                      which the idle percentage is
 *                                      calculated.

There are some other comments in that file worth reading, too.

I don't have access to a pre-ACPI SMP motherboard anymore, so I can't
try this.  It looks, from a cursory reading of the code in that file,
like you should boot with apm=smp,power-off or

If apm is a module, you can pass the right options in when you load

        # insmod apm power_off=1 smp=1
        # insmod apm power_off=1 smp=1 realmode_power_off=1

> The coffee hasn't kicked in yet so I'm having trouble the English
> language.

You should do what I do.  Until you've finished your morning coffee,
compose all your email in classical Latin. (-:

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