In my continuing effort to belabor this subject, I have another
question:  why is fetchmail too stupid to remove messages from a POP3
server only after they've gotten old?  The "keep" option leaves them
there forever (which will eventually exhaust my server resources); and
"no keep" always yanks them immediately.  There may be reasons for such
inflexibility, but it seems like a failing to me, given that most decent
MUAs offer this feature.  I found a kludge where I could let them
accumulate usually and then delete them all at some regular interval
(via cron):  but it seems if fetchmail is supposed to relieve MUAs of
their MRA duties, it should do at least as good a job of performing

Sometimes I like to read my emails on my other 'puter, so I like to
leave them around for a week or so before removing them from the server.
 Now I can't, and that makes me sad.  Can getmail do this, I wonder?

--Jason V. C.

"I drank what?" -- Socrates
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