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Grazie e ciao

2018-03-04 17:07 GMT+01:00 Andrea Furlan <furlanandr...@gmail.com>:

> Dear European Ultimate Community
> EUF launched in 2017 the Train the Trainer Certification Programme, with
> the goal to provide future trainers with a standardize methodology and a
> "tool-box" full of drills, tipps and tricks, so that they will able to do
> grass roots ultimate development in their communities in a high qualitative
> and efficient way.
> The drills and the methodology are not only focus on beginners, but can be
> used for the technical part of club trainings.
> The very first session and core element of the seminars is "how to train
> the Spirit of the Game", which is clearly usefull at all levels.
> For a time table of the EUF TtT Level 1 - Session 1 Programme, please look
> at the next seminar in Heidelberg (see details
> <http:///e/euf-trainthetrainer-camp-heidelberg-2018>), where we warmly
> invite you to attend and are sure that there will be many interesting
> things to learn also for Trainers already certified by their national
> federation.
> The Level 1 Curriculum consists in 2 seminars of 20 hours each.
> EUF plans following seminars in 2018:
> Date Location TtT Level
> April 20-22 2018 Heidelberg
> <http:///e/euf-trainthetrainer-camp-heidelberg-2018> Level 1 - Session 1
> May (exact date still tbd) Poland (exact location still tbd) Level 1 -
> Session 1
> May (exact date still tbd) Riga (Latvia) Level 1 - Session 1
> Oct.-Nov. (exact date still tbd) Istanbul Level 1 - Session 1
> The EUF TtT Level 1 Certification programme, works in close connection
> with the EYUCamps 2018. In order to recieve the EUF Level 1 Trainer
> Certificate the EUF TtT practitioners will have to show their coaching
> skills during ones of the 7 EYUCamps in 2018 (see more details
> <https://www.ultimatefederation.eu/youth-camps/eyucamps-2018.php>).
> EUF will give priority to EUF Level 1 Trainer and Practitioners when
> defining the staff to run the sport part of the EYUCamps.
> Looking forward to helping you in your highly spirited grass root
> development!
> Grazie e ciao
> Oddi
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