????Dear Ultimate teams,

Recent research at Wageningen University has lead to the creation of a new 
species. After some minor modifications in the genome of the Dutch milking 
cows, we now have a cow who's milk does not contain any lactose, and 
implications for the Asian market are tremendous. This magical concoction is 
still very healthy and it contains something far more potent and nutritious 
than lactose: ethanol.

Come visit this miracle first hand at Natte Neuzen, we have made sure the cow 
will be there and have fermented hops flowing from its udders.

We'll see you in Wageningen on the 26th & 27th of May, so we can finally see 
who is the very best at milking our beer-cow and consuming the bubbling liquid 

Oh and did we mention: we're gonna be playing ultimate the whole weekend to see 
who will claim the coveted 1st place trophy.

So in summary:

- A whole weekend (26th and 27th of May) packed with ultimate with only a 
players fee of 40 euro's (no teamfee).

- Have a sleep-in on Sunday morning, the games won't start before 10:30.

- Beers are very cheap (EUR1)!?

- A once in a lifetime opportunity to milk a cow that lactates beer.

- Music performance by an upcoming DJ during the party.

So are you still looking for an AWESOME weekend packed with ultimate, the 
alcoholic milking games and a night full of festivities? Come over to our 
flatlands and experience the spirit of Wageningen. For more information and 
details about registration see: 


See you soon!


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