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> I don't know if any of you have seen the iLean concept bike.  It uses
> bicycle cranks to make a leaning effect.  I was thinking of doubling
up the
> rear wheels using 4 20 inch hub motors.  72v.  80mph top speed. 8 to
11 kw
> battery pack. Aerodynamic body parts.  It would be a 5 wheeled

I don't know if the iLean has progressed any farther than what's shown
the videos.  It's a clever idea, but obviously simple enough for anyone
make at home.  If you're looking for 80 mph top speed you need to think
terms of scooter/motorcycle components.  It seems the M3E delivery trike
already has that covered.  I'm sure there are other examples out there

I like the leaning concept over the C-1 Lit balancing concept.

After a discussion with someone at Lit, I'm convinced no one, not even
them, knows what the final product will act like.  After some very
confusing releases of info I asked directly if the C-1 would behave like
car (upright at all times) or a motorcycle (tilt).  (I have seen no
of a real C-1 leaning through a series of turns.)  The response I got
reveals that they have some very fundamental dynamics questions to
and they haven't fully grasped the magnitude of the problem they've
off.  (Or if they have, they're keeping quiet about it to keep investors
and buyers happy.)

If (big IF) they release a production vehicle that tilts, expect it to
alien to both motorcyclists and auto drivers and to come up short in its
ability to deal with unusual circumstances.  They are on very shaky
technologically.  I wish them luck and truly hope they prove me wrong,
I doubt it.

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