Rick Beebe wrote:

> There's compliance and then there's compliance. There are, I believe, 7
>  states other than California that have ZEV mandates as well. I was able
> to get a Smart ED because I live in one of them. But I can't get a Honda
> FIT or Spark EV or Fiat 500e because those are California only. I
> presume Honda, Chevy and Fiat are buying ZEV credits to avoid having to
> make cars for us smaller states.

I think it would be incorrect to label the Smart ED as a compliance car, given 
that it is available here in Canada, well beyond the reach of CARB or other ZEV 
mandates ;^>

My take on the "compliance" label is that any vehicle that is exclusively 
available in regions with a ZEV mandate is a compliance car in that it is (at 
least at this time) fairly clearly provided by the manufacturer only as a means 
of complying with a ZEV mandate.

As soon as the vehicle is offered anywhere that the manufacturer is not 
required to comply with a ZEV mandate, it is no longer a compliance car since 
the manufacturer is *voluntarily* making it available.



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