Reason is that Li-Ion batteries are sized by Ah
so it is normal to say what size (Ah) battery cells you have,
if you want to indicate which version cells are in your pack,
but if you want to tell the energy in the pack then it only
makes sense if you tell (or know) the average pack voltage to
arrive at the kWh rating from Ah * Volts, or simply talk about kWh.

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I know that   watts = amps * volts,  and watt-hours (wh) is a measure of
energy, but over and over again I hear people talking about EV batteries
terms of amp-hours.  What does that mean if you don't know the voltage?
1000 amp-hr is not impressive if the voltage is, say, 0.00001 volts.  Is
there some sort of standard voltage, e.g., 3.6 volts, that is assumed
one talks about LiON batteries?  Does amp-hours tell you something more
than watt-hours?

Thanks in advance,--
Larry Gales

Larry Gales
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