In Europe the charging posts have no cable, only a standardized
You carry the charging cable with you, of the appropriate wire size for
the charging needs of your EV.
So, there are no cut charging station cables, at worst your own cable is
damaged or stolen. This does not stop anyone else from charging there
and if you have a spare or buy a new cord, you can charge again.

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From: Dennis Miles
> at what cost? Are we going to replace a $50 wire with a $2,000

Yes. :-/ As long as "someone else pays" for that $2000 wireless setup
and the extra electricity it uses, consumers will fall for it. Of
course, it is usually the consumer that pays, whether he realizes it or
not. (Dilbert's company motto: "We cheat our customers, and pass the
savings on you you".)

> Why not replace the 20 ft (6 meter) cord set with one with the J1772
Level "2"
> or the European connector, on both ends, You just carry it with you.
> the wires are cut, and stolen, to sell the copper wire. Or use copper
> aluminum wire as it is not worth nearly so much for metal scrap...

Lots of good ideas. We just need to TRY everything we can think of,
until we find a solution that works. We simply do not know enough about
the problem to guess at the "best" solution.

PS: Aluminum is also expensive. Why not try copper clad steel wire? The
steel is for strength and support; the copper to carry the current. Or,
use a big enough steel wire so it still has a low enough resistance. I
have a robomower. It needs a perimeter wire to keep it in the yard. The
neighbor kept cutting the wire (long story..) It was tedious to keep
finding the break and fixing it. So I used plastic coated steel aircraft
cable, thick enough to have the same resistance. That stopped the

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