As many of you know I have been involved in EV's since the late 90's repairing, 
reviving or building EV's of many sorts.  It turns out that my Aspire EV was 
registered by some numskull at the DMV as a hybrid.  Currently I'm in Class AE 
Fuel Q.  I guess the clerk got frustrated. Back 13 years  I watched as 3 or 4 
clerks and the manager were trying to figure out how to register my conversion.  One of them decided Hybrid was a good alternative 
as the computer allowed this choice and I wouldn't recieve smog notices.  It 
didn't allow Electric as fuel.  I never recieved smog notices but curiously I 
couldn't get the white carpool stickers but it didn't matter as my range was 
down after rearranging the battery pack and couldn't go far enough to use it.  
Jump 13 years.  Yesterday the same thing happened when I tried to fix their 
mistake(because someone wanted to buy it and use it to get PG&E special 
electric rate.   Which is
 not allowed anyway I found out so no sale) which is now my problem.  After 
spending hours there and  a tow charge I was told I had to take the car to the 
Referee at Bureau of Automotive Repair.  I called.....they don't seem to want 
to take it.  So I called Sacramento for advice.  I got a nice guy named Ken who 
said he would research it.  So for now my BEV is a Hybrid and nobody can do 
anything about it even though the local DMV office staff inspected it & agree 
it is a BEV.  The computer says everyone is wrong and it(based on the VIN) is a 
hybrid.  MAN!   Lawrence Rhodes
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