It is clear that it is possible to build a practical solar vehicle.  The 
formula is 55wh per mile consumption.  1.2kw solar panel.  850 pound weight. 
16kw battery pack.  Range 500 miles. The vehicle must be aerodynamic.  Have the 
proper motor, wheels & carry 4 passengers with a trunk. It's been done at a 
high cost.

What can we do with our stone tools & bear skins to copy this in an affordable 
manner?  I think a tube frame to start. Or chop a car?  Would it be light 
enough & strong enough? Wheels?  Stella uses very esoteric special solar racer 
tires.  Can we afford that????  What very narrow wheels do the best since we 
can go with a number of different styles.  Tall and narrow is my best guess. 
Trailer tires?  Motorcycle tires & wheels?  What about side forces?  Wheel 
collapse is a real problem if you get it wrong.  What to compromise?  EVen if 
it were possible to get half the results that Stella gets that would be a win.  
I'd be happy with 200 mile range and an extra 50 from the sun.  Fully charge in 
three days.  Average use would still be below what you took in.  Any successful 
solar cars in the group?  Where to start?  Lawrence Rhodes....and don't tell me 
the best place to solar charge a car is on your house's roof.  We are talking 
autonomous here. 
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