This guy claims he drove a Tesla ‘free’ for 18 months. Here’s how
March 24, 2015  Stephen Edelstein,GCR  ht2 Leonard Van Ryn

Tesla Model S (& home EVSE on garage wall)  Image Credit: Tesla Motors
Road test information for the 2014 Tesla Model S P85D in, December 2014
Image Credit: David Noland/Green Car Reports

The low cost of electricity compared to gasoline or diesel means driving an
electric car typically comes with significant savings per mile, even if not
necessarily in purchase price.

What could be better than dramatically reduced operating costs?

Well, how about driving a sexy, glamorous, high-performance electric car…for

That’s exactly what one Tesla Model S owner claims to have done.

When accounting for money saved on fuel and maintenance, a poster on the
Tesla Motors official forum claims to have effectively driven his car for
free for about 18 months.

Here’s how the owner–username “LeonardV” in the post–determined that. The
figures listed below are his own calculations.

He purchased the car in California in September 2013 at a list price of
$96,000, including the state sales tax.

However, the Model S was eligible for both the $7,500 Federal tax credit and
$2,500 California rebate for new electric cars, effectively reducing the
price to $86,000.

The car now has 53,000 miles on it, and the owner believes he can sell it
for $77,000–meaning it will have depreciated by $9,000 from the
post-incentive price.

In addition, the car’s loan includes interest at 2 percent APR, for an
estimated $2,400 during the period of ownership.

However, that’s where the costs stop, according to the owner.

He claims not to have paid for any servicing, although the Model S has
visited a Tesla service center for warranty repairs and free tire rotations.

(Note that this regimen may not conform to Tesla’s own service
recommendations, and may not be possible depending on how a given car is

This Model S owner didn’t have to pay for charging, either: The garage where
he parked the car offered free charging, and he used Tesla’s free
Supercharger DC fast-charging stations for longer trips.

In contrast, the owner calculates he would have spent $9,300 on fuel and
$2,200 on maintenance driving an internal-combustion car the same distance
over the same period of time.

That’s assuming an average 20 mpg–somewhat below average for a modern
car–with gas priced at an average $3.50 per gallon.

Those estimated savings add up to $11,400–equally the amount paid in
interest and lost through depreciation.

Hence: a “free” stretch of car ownership.

Of course, there are many variables present when calculating cost of
ownership for a given car.

Not everyone can take advantage of the incentives and abundant charging
infrastructure in electric-car friendly California, for example.

Still, this example shows just how much owners can potentially save by going
How To Drive A Tesla Model S Electric Car Free For 18 Months
By Stephen Edelstein  Mar 24, 2015
Free Tesla?? | Forums | Tesla Motors
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