I think this is a work in progress.  If you remember John Wayland his Blue 
Meanie and White Zombie have had many revisions.  So far Stella & the Solar 
Taxi are the best examples of viable vehicles.  You could start with a moped 
speed vehicle at 2kw and work your way up to a road going vehicle.  3 kw is 
4hp.  You can do a lot with 4 hp.  But you have to tow.  Stella uses 1.5kw but 
is very efficient.  It is no doubt doable but your vehicle must be aero and 
have a good aerodynamic connection to the trailer.  A very aerodynamic & light 
vehicle could easily have a 100 mile range with 10kw.  Maybe more like 200 if 
everything is perfect.  If you had 3kw at your disposal you could charge in a 
little over 3 hours or extend your day time range.  In this arena lighter is 
better but area on top is important.  Stella does not look aerodynamic.  It 
looks like a van that has been squashed.  It is relatively wide and long but if 
you look at the side view it looks very teardrop like in it's side profile.  
Since it consumes 55wh per mile it is indeed very aerodynamic. It has a 375 
mile range on 16kw without the solar panel...but being greedy I want every free 
watt of energy I can get.  I'm envisioning a kind of RV like vehicle with a 
towed solar panel.  I probably can't afford the super efficient tires, wheels 
and motors that Stella uses.  The Solar Taxi has old technology and is not that 
efficient.  But the goal is on average to use no grid energy to charge.  On 
long trips that will probably be unavoidable.  Lawrence Rhodes....
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