No doubt the Tesla is an impressive car, but your first two points aren't all 
that impressive...

On Apr 14, 2015, at 6:49 AM, Mike Nickerson via EV <> wrote:

>  -  Driving in the dark, the headlights are very impressive.  Go around a 
> corner and the car lights up around the corner.

My parents's '89 Lincoln Town Car does this. Flick the turn signal lever and an 
extra quasi-headlight lights up on that side. It also automatically turns the 
high beams on and off depending on oncoming traffic.

>  -  Turn on the wipers and they automatically adjust speed.  Light mist, slow 
> wipers.  Heavy downpour, fast wipers.

My parents's Town Car doesn't do that, but I remember driving a cheap rental in 
the '90s that did. I also remember it not adjusting the speed as well as I 
would have if I devoted my full attention to it; I imagine Tesla has it working 

But congratulations on the purchase, and do enjoy the car!

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