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> On 24 Apr 2015 at 1:08, Peri Hartman via EV wrote:
>> Eventually people will wise up to the taxes, aka subsidies, needed to
>> support a fuel cell auto industry when they start wondering where
>> their tax payments are going.  Education will shorten that time. 
> Watch out, that's a sharp two-edged sword.  If we're not careful, it'll 
> swing the other way, and cut off BEV subsidies too.

Any time anybody complains about subsidies going to electric vehicle 
manufacturers I just have to roll my eyes and ask about the auto industry 

Same thing with solar energy and our military expenditures to ensure compliant 
regimes in oil-producing lands -- not to mention corporate welfare in general.

You want a level playing field? Look at what gasoline costs in Europe. How well 
do you think Detroit could compete with EVs if cheap gasoline was $8 / gallon?

...sorry, preaching to the choir, I know....

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