My comment to Toyota:

I have been an electric vehicle and alternative energy enthusiast & 
professional for two decades.  It was 1997 when a Kummerow electric vehicle 
powered by a Zinc air battery went 1000 miles on a charge.  However it took 
three days and 4 drivers.  It was a golf cart like vehicle limited to 25 mph.  
They simply circled the former Alameda Naval Air Station.  That was 18 years 
ago.  A lot has changed since then.  I've owned several Hondas that got 50 or 
more miles per gallon,(manufactured from 1980 to 1995) A CNG Dodge Van & 
numerous electric vehicles .  Toyota is by far the 
most competent manufacturer on the planet.  Everyone comes to you to learn how 
to make a better assembly line.  However it is obvious that you didn't do the 
math on Fuel Cells.  Using the EPA mileage rating all the BEV models have well 
over 100MPGE(around 120) while fuel cells struggle hit 60 mpge.  It will cost 
twice as much to run a fuel cell vehicle in fuel.  The Mirai is twice a
 s expensive as most BEV vehicles.  While this may change with mass production 
the math will never work for the fuel efficiency.  It will always be twice as 
expensive in fuel to run a fuel cell vehicle.  Much progress has been made in 
solar vehicles.  The addition of the cruiser class at the World Solar Challenge 
which is for practical 2 to 4 passenger solar vehicles proves that you can have 
a vehicle that is not a rolling ping pong table yet will have a 500 mile range 
on 16 kw of batteries and 1.5kw of solar panels.  Stella, the winner of the 
first cruiser class World solar challenge, will never need conventional fueling 
in normal use.  That means all you have to do is park it in the sun and you are 
fueled.  However if you drive steady long distances or at night frequently it 
will fuel like any other BEV.
  Toyota I challenge yo
 u to produce a vehicle that requires little or no additional fuel from outside 
sources.  This is the vehicle that everyone will want.  Not fuel cells.  An 
autonomous solar vehicle.  The World Solar Challenge has proven this.  Just 
make it light and efficient and the design will work.  If Dutch students can do 
it Toyota can do it.
Lawrence Rhodes
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