So, this morning I help my parents finish putting in a bunch of sod in their 
back yard. Afterwards, Dad followed up on a couple Web sites he's been looking 
at and did a bit of math...and it seemed just possible that, with a trade-in 
offer and Federal tax credits and all the rest, they might be able to pay 
$15,000 cash (and hand over the title to the trade-in car) and drive away with 
a 2016 i-MiEV. So, we drove down to the dealership, ready to do so if they were 
willing to do so.

Alas, what with all the taxes and fees and not wanting to give nearly so much 
on the trade-in and was going to cost a bit over $21,000 at the 
end of the day for the car. So we walked.

But it's pretty much a given at this point that they'll be buying an EV in the 
very near future....

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