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> The 2013 battery modules do have more "air holes" in them for passive
> thermal heating than the 2011/2012 modules.

That sparks another interesting thought...would there be any particularly good 
place to position a box fan to maximize the effect of passive cooling?

> My advice is to set the leaf to only charge to a maximum 80 %, and set
> the timer such that it starts charging in the middle of the night
> (3am? 5am?) whenever your outdoor temp is the lowest. (Potentially
> stopping just before you plan to leave in the morning, if they have a
> set schedule, so that it doesn't stay at 80% longer than it needs to.)

Sounds like a sound plan regardless of whatever other steps they take to keep 
the batteries cool.

Is there any benefit to charging to even less than 80%? They know their 
schedule enough in advance to know when they're going to need to make a longer 
trip somewhere -- with the maximum typically being 35 - 40 miles on the 
odometer. I imagine they could be quite happy with keeping it typically at 50% 
charge if that'd be better for the car.

And would the car allow them to automatically program that sort of thing? Or 
should they set a timer to go out and unplug it?

As for time of day...especially if the car can automatically start charging at 
a given time, yes, that's very feasible. They're up early, and could easily 
step in the garage to unplug the car on the way to pick the newspaper up off 
the driveway.

Thanks for the advice, everybody!

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