On May 31, 2015, at 1:46 PM, Jay Summet <j...@summet.com> wrote:

> ....but proably not at all
> worth the time/effort.

Ah, well. 'Twas a thought

> My understanding is that the 20%-80% range is the
> "safe" range. 

Certainly makes things easier...take the time to charge to 80%, program the car 
to start charging so it'll finish by 6:00 am (always with a few degrees of the 
coolest time of day), and forget about it otherwise.

They might be open to keeping the window A/C unit in the garage for the 
purposes of keeping the batteries cool. Seems like that might be the only other 
measure worth considering.

Thanks, all -- but I certainly would welcome any other creative ideas anybody 
might have!

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