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> Many of these guys actively LIKE -- deliberately PREFER -- the noise, stink, 
> and grime that their ICEVs produce.  That may even be more important to them 
> than their actual performance.  They really DO have "gasoline in their 
> veins."   

I'm sure there're some examples of that...but all the reports I hear from, for 
example, the crowds that gather 'round the NEDRA member cars...at least 
outwardly, they're easily convinced that this is something to take seriously.

> If they really wanted to "fish where the fish are" with EVs, they'd have to 
> build something heavy, clumsy, and grossly inefficient, with a 50+ year old 
> chassis and drivetrain layout.  
> That's because the #1 selling vehicle in the USA today is Ford's F-series 
> pickup truck.

Maybe, but perhaps not this coming generation of batteries, but definitely the 
generation after that...Ford will be able to build an electric F-series pickup 
that will be hugely superior to the gasoline version. It'll have more torque, 
more towing capacity, offer a built-in inverter to run power tools off of on 
job sites...and all those pickups parked in shopping malls with perfect paint 
jobs, even in the bed? The ones driven by the proverbial soon-to-be soccer moms 
and the guys they're dating? They might not say it out loud, but they'd really, 
really love the silent ride so they can listen to their tunes.

> I don't have any data, but I suspect that for a very long time, EVs will 
> share more buyers with the Prius than with the Mustang.  So for the 
> immediate future, successful EVs that stick to the conventional vehicle 
> model will tend to look and act more like a Prius than like a Mustang.

I suspect that the automakers will drag their heels on the performance EVs, 
despite all the bad press Tesla is giving their ICE versions on that front.

But I'll bet you a cup of coffee or other suitable beverage that the first high 
performance electric vehicle to come out of a major manufacturer is one that 
they simply won't be able to make fast enough and that becomes as iconic for 
future generations as the Mustang and Camaro have for the past few generations. 
The only real question is going to be who pulls that trigger first.

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