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>> "We can't build an electric GT-R today. But do I want to? I'd love to."
> I'll bet Elon Musk LOVES reading statements like that.

I don't think he does. Tesla shareholders focused on quarterly earnings 
statements likely do, but I think Musk himself would much prefer a world in 
which ICEV manufacturers made a rapid transition to EVs than one in which Tesla 
remained the dominant player in a niche market.

Never mind the electrification of Teslas; ignoring the drivetrain, they're 
cranking out innovations left and right that could just as well go in ICEVs but 
which still set Teslas beyond the competition. Even if Teslas had a 
conventional drivetrain they'd be the talk of the town.

If all the major manufacturers went electric overnight, Tesla would still be 
every bit as competitive as they are today...but we would _all_ breathe 

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