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> Here I am finally possibly buying an OEM EV.  Long way from my 1956VW with an 
> ADC and 12v marine batteries.

Amazing turn of EVents, indeed -- and seemingly overnight. When I put the PV 
array on my roof a few years ago and intentionally oversized it for an EV, an 
OEM EV wasn't remotely on my radar and I figured whatever DIY conversion I did 
was going to be a bit of a big deal. Didn't give it much thought aside from 
back-of-the-envelope ballpark guesses for how much extra panel capacity I 
thought I'd want.

Today, a Leaf would actually be a not-unreasonable option for me...and it would 
actually probably be cheaper than my plans for turning the '64 1/2 Mustang into 
a PHEV. But I'm probably going to go the PHEV route anyway...because it'll be 
the best of all worlds. Mostly just an EV, but also a road trip car...and with 
what should be a Tesla-beating all-wheel-drive hybrid mode...and, 
oh-by-the-way, also an iconic muscle car with the proverbial roaring V8 when 
such is called for....

There's reason to hope that, before long, it'll be as hard to find a new car 
without an electric motor as it is today to find a new car without an automatic 
transmission. If we can make the transition to EVs significantly faster than we 
made the automatic transmission transition, we might actually survive the end 
of petroleum....

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