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> It would be cool if, when the time comes to replace the batteries (in another 
> 5+ years), Nissan would offer higher range choices for replacement packs.

Nissan is almost going to have to...but, even if they don't, somebody else 
will. The Leaf is the electric version of the Model T Ford. You'll still be 
able to buy parts for a Leaf for many decades to come, maybe even a century, 
and people will prize them the same way we do the Tin Lizzy.

Third-party battery replacements won't be that big of a deal. The volumetric 
efficiency of batteries is increasing at a pretty rapid pace, and there's not 
all that much to the Leaf's battery system. It doesn't make sense today for a 
third-party manufacturer to start making Leaf batteries, but, as soon as 
there's a market for them that Nissan doesn't fill, you can bet that market 
will get filled by somebody else.

...and, in the mean time, places like the Hybrid Auto Center sell Leaf packs 
that, at least on paper, look mighty attractive for DIY conversion projects....

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