I think that there is a lot of silent engineering going on at many firms 
including Tesla.  I have a contact at Tesla and they are mum about Stella's 
visit to the Tesla Factory or any questions about a Tesla Solar Car.  Tesla is 
now sponsoring the Cruiser Class of the World Solar Challenge.  Tesla has 
recruited many of Stanford's Solar Car team members over the years.  The 
Cruiser class mandates 4 passenger practical designs with a trunk.  No rolling 
ping pong tables.  However any vehicle that succeeds must draw current 
commiserate with the number of solar panels that can fit on the roof of a solar 
vehicle.  Setlla Lux draws about 50wh per mile on an 850 pound vehicle with a 
CD of .16.  It's solar panel is 1.5kw and the battery is small at 15kw.  With 
such a combination this car can gain 200 miles range a day at normal freeway 
speeds. This type of design scares the death out of anyone in big oil.  Imagine 
a vehicle that made its own power.  Lawrence Rhodes


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