EVLN: NZ$73k 3D printed 4ekolka bubble EV r:200km ts:35mph (v)
A 3D-printed electric car: 4ekolka makes its informal debut on a  Prague
It started with a stall but an all-electric city vehicle that can be
produced from a 3D printer has made it over its first hurdle, or hill, or
perhaps more of a slight ...
EVLN: 400mi Fisker Relaunch EV with Ultra-Quick Charging abilities
It would appear that Mr. Fisker is aiming really high and plans on releasing
an EV with a maximum range of over 400 miles. In an interview with Bloomberg

EVcrime> Scofflaw-nogoodnik-punks forklift-flip a Brooklyn Bridge Park
Patrol Leaf
Vandals used a Bobcat forklift to flip a Parks Enforcement Patrol car in ...
to hoist and dump the electric vehicle on its roof, according to a parks
spokeswoman ...
EVjobs: Drive Oregon puts out the call: They're hiring electric vehicle
The group, which advocates for more EVs through such means as increased
power options along Oregon roads, is hiring two program managers and a
policy ...
EVrentals outage(killed)> Evercar's SF& LA operations suspended
Another Car Rental Service for Uber and Lyft Drivers Suspends Operations
Evercar, a three-year-old Los Angeles-based service that rents electric ...
cars to drivers ... sent an email to customers ... notifying them that it's
suspending its service ... 
Evercar, a Los Angeles company offering hourly rentals of electric ... cars
to Uber and Lyft drivers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, may have suspended
business ...
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