EVLN: $7k Vintage Electric Scrambler e-bicycle r:35mi@20mph ts:40mph (v)
For those of you out there that don't fancy getting an electric car for
whatever reason, have you considered an electric bike instead?
EVLN: Є25k Citroën e-Mehari open-air utility EV on sale in France r:200km
The Citroën e-Mehari is a small electric ... the battery lease is bundled
EVLN: HK$610k($79k) RHD Tesla-X launched as an ideal Hong Kong family EV
Tesla launches the Model X in Hong Kong, sees as much potential ...
Last month, we reported that Tesla has 80% market share of Hong Kong's
growing electric vehicle market. Yet, that's only ~1% of the city's entire
automotive ...

FaradayF,LeEco,Jia Yueting $1.8B financing> their secrets closer to reality&
less of a joke
A partner of Faraday Future that was mocked for 'producing cars in
PowerPoint' ...
In light of the funding round, Tencent Tech asked CEO Jia Yueting, whose net
worth is $4.5 billion, to comment on the current state of LeEco's electric
car ...
Costumed crusader fights for EV's legal-rights in with 500km
Attempt at Segway world record rolls through Parksville Qualicum Beach
Over the past week, the 57-year-old from Delta has been standing atop a
Segway, a two-wheeled, upright electric vehicle, in an effort to set a
Guinness World Record ...
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