EVLN: Leaf S-trim EV gets 30-kwh(107mi) battery @a higher price
For 2016, the model year just ending, the Nissan Leaf electric car got a
larger-capacity battery for all but its lowest trim level. The Leaf SV and
SL models this ...
EVLN: $10K Sonders 3seat, 3wheeled, fully enclosed EV r:50/100/200mi
SONDERS moves up from low-cost ebikes to sub-$10K electric cars
This three-wheeled three-seater EV concept could be the next entry to the
low-cost electric car market. Building on its success in the affordable
ebike market ...
EVLN: Add 4.6M sq ft to Tesla Fremont-CA factory's 4.5M sq ft> 3,100 more EV
Tesla eyes big Fremont expansion, 3,100 jobs could be created
FREMONT — Tesla Motors has proposed construction of 4.6 million square feet
of new space next to its electric vehicle factory in Fremont, a move that
could create 3,100 new jobs and would …

EverCharge makes smart use of limited AC power to charge multiple EVs
This Startup Makes It Easier To Charge Electric Cars In Apartment Buildings
Owning an electric car can be harder if you live in an apartment than a
house, since most apartment building garages only have enough power to
charge a few ...
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