EVLN: VW EVs for Albanian Police Fleet> 1 euro per 100km(62mi)
Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri on Wednesday proudly introduced a small
fleet of Volkswagen electric cars to be used by police, "the only one in the
region and ...
EVLN: Rs845k($12.7k) Mahindra Launches eSupro Electric Van r:112km ts:60kph
The company launched the eSupro, a fully electric van that will be available
as a ... The Mahindra eSupro carries a warranty of 2 years/40,000km on the
vehicle ...
EVLN: Seattle-WA Is Giving $35k Tesla-3 EV perk to New Employees
There's no denying the Tesla Model 3 is … one of the most desirable cars ...

Coal-producing pleased w/ EVs & brings a different view to EV
Coal-rich Chinese province aims high with electric cars
When he arrived in Taiyuan for a vacation, Beijinger Liu Xiaohui was
surprised by how green Shanxi was, despite being China's major
coal-producing province ...
Costumed crusader fights for EV's legal-rights in with 500km
Attempt at Segway world record rolls through Parksville Qualicum ...
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