EVLN: 1st GM Bolt EVs go to CA & OR dealerships
Chevrolet spokesman Fred Ligouri confirmed reports from the GM-Volt forum
and Hybrid Cars that the first Bolts will go to "Bolt EV-certified dealers"
in California ... only dealerships in California and 0regon would receive
Bolt EV electric cars in the first wave ...
EVLN: 'I feel like the LEAF is paying me for buying it' ... (AK-show of
It's electric! Panel presents 'The Case for Electric Vehicles' in city forum
John Neary, director of the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, speaks as a
panelist at a forum about electric vehicles Thursday night. The event was
the third in a ...

EVcrime: Tesla-S EV Gets Vandalized(looks-really-bad) in The Netherlands ...
The issue comes from The Netherlands, where a Dark Blue incarnation of the
EV was keyed ... the vandal(s) who did this made sure the damage ... evenly
spread around ...
Fairfield-CT school board approves charging stations at high schools
The Board of Education approved the grant-funded addition of two electric
car charging stations in each high school's parking lot at its Oct. 4
meeting. But not ...

Maine lobster decline underscores need for renewable-energy charged
The decline in lobster populations caused by rising ocean temperatures
underscores the urgency of tackling global warming ... If we are serious
about preventing the worst impacts of climate change we …
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