Congratulations! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun and doing it right! I'm envious.


On 10/16/2016 7:04 PM, wayne alexander via EV wrote:
Its been a long time since I posted here..things are going great. I will be 
opening a shop in California. Exactly is not sure where ast this time. I will 
be merging with  another group there. We were getting  grant  applied form  the 
state and the Feds. A new building at least 100 x 200 foot is to start. All new 
tooling all CNC

    So far I have secured a contract to build a push back tractor for a 747.C5A 
and A380 size. Its a no brainer. We will not be building any cars. I have 
already built a hybrid system for a Ford E450 bus 36 passenger. It has been on 
the road for 6 months now and works like a dream. Also a 17,500 lb delivery 
truck. 3 so far. Believe it or not...0 to 60
Is 9 seconds .We have video of it doing that. Full electric.. 600 volt ac 
system  Allison 6 speed auto trans and a 120 miles range so far.

  They will be buying me out. And I will be working for them for 2 years then I 

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