Its been a long time since I posted here..things are going great. I will be 
opening a shop in California. Exactly is not sure where ast this time. I will 
be merging with  another group there. We were getting  grant  applied form  the 
state and the Feds. A new building at least 100 x 200 foot is to start. All new 
tooling all CNC

   So far I have secured a contract to build a push back tractor for a 747.C5A 
and A380 size. Its a no brainer. We will not be building any cars. I have 
already built a hybrid system for a Ford E450 bus 36 passenger. It has been on 
the road for 6 months now and works like a dream. Also a 17,500 lb delivery 
truck. 3 so far. Believe it or not...0 to 60
Is 9 seconds .We have video of it doing that. Full electric.. 600 volt ac 
system  Allison 6 speed auto trans and a 120 miles range so far.

 They will be buying me out. And I will be working for them for 2 years then I 
can finally hang it up.  EV Cars have always been a flash in the pan. I made a 
good living at converting cars.  There has and never been and never will be a 
large demand for electric cars.. But the commercial end is where the EV future 
is. We also will be doing a large order of air craft baggage tugs and belt 
loaders. I will have to go to a Calif. Airport to see about doing a large cargo 
loader. The new company is paying for every thing.
Last month there was a large battery show in Novi Michigan. I went. Brought my 
lap top showing the bus and truck.
Out of all the venders and "so called " builders..we were the only people with 
any thing that was on them road that some he could afford..some prices were so 
over the top out of reach. No one could ever afford them. We beat every ones 
prices by at least 3/4 ..we are in. Talks with a tracking co. From NY for as 
much as 30 delivery trucks...things are going great
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