There have been many times in my journey through the seasons of life when
the learning curve seemed like a vertical wall at times. Learning to use
real regenerative braking is one of the factors I have had no previous
experience of in driving EV's, since until the last 30 days, I had only
driven conversions. For me, the new Spark EV has a wonderful feeling; I
definitely am well acclimated now to what I think of as "Lee Hart driving",
which I did not begin to practice with any consistency until I was driving
my last conversion, which was the first to use lithium cells instead of
lead acid. My first years of driving electric owed more to the influence of
John Wayland, Rich Rudman, and the other pioneers of the NEDRA clan. I
don't speed much anymore, but I really still liked QUICK!
But, for the last 5 years, I have been much more concerned with increasing
my range by learning to apply the lessons I have picked up here by reading
posts from all over about how people have stretched their range by careful
Today, I left my house with a full charge completed, (with special thanks
to the EV Saint who provided my new EVSE!). The Guessometer showed an 83
mile range, which is 1 less than what I have seen for full charge; I drove
the 3.1 miles from my house to the bookstore, and was quite pleased to see
the new reading showing 85 when I arrived. I had never seen it go over 84.
There are slightly more down grades than up on the way into town to the
store, but it is the first time I have seen it go up past what it was when
I left home.
I am learning to use the low gear range approaching stops to the point
where I very seldom have to use the brakes, and shifting into neutral on
downgrades whenever it is safe and practical to do so.
This will be the first time I have the opportunity to really track how many
miles I drive on one charge and see what my real world range is in the
conditions I normally drive in, which is much more surface streets and
country roads (45-55 mph) than highways and freeways.
Really got my EV Grin on again!!
Michael B
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