Chris Tromley wrote:

> So here's my question.  A 14-50 has a neutral, so I'm pretty sure I can
> adapt my brick to it by simply tapping one leg of the 240 V.  Is there
> anything subtle that I'm missing?  Like if there are a bunch of these
> outlets fed by a single panel and I pull 3 kW off one leg of one, is that
> an issue?  Anything else?

You should be fine using an adapter to take one hot, neutral, and earth ground 
from the 14-50 to a 5-15 receptacle to plug your L1 opportunity charge cord 

However, you will *not* pull 3kW from anything ;^>

Your L1 charge cord is 120V input only, and almost certainly is configured 
internally to generate a pilot signal to the EV that tells it not to draw more 
than the 12A continuous rating of a 5-15 outlet (assuming your charge cord has 
a NEMA 5-15 plug on the wall end, and has not been hacked).

So, as long as you only feed it 120VAC you should not fry anything inside of 
it, and unless it has been hacked to generate a pilot signal for a higher 
current, your EV will not draw more than 12A from the wall when you use this 
charge cord, no matter what the capacity of the circuit you plug into.

Hope this helps,


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