EVLN: Electric Worm Mobile> $6k SMT4 nEV vermicomposter food-waste
transporter (v)
 ... Honda Motorwerks donated a Neighborhood EV to a community composting
project. The compost-cruiser or worm-wagon will collect compostable
materials ...
EVLN: Apple Maps now show European public (EVSE) charging point data
With a surge in the number of electric vehicles out in the market, charging
points are obviously going to be point of great interest. Apple sought to
capitalize upon ...
EVLN: Bulk li-ion purchase& mass can reduce cost by 80%
Supply of lithium ion batteries will push locally-made EV industry ...
NEW DELHI: Enough supply of lithium ion batteries and focus on domestic
manufacturing will give push to the electric vehicle industry ...
EVLN: Bill Nye On Elon Musk: 'Go Elon!'> (He thinks he’s just great ...
“The Tesla outperforms conventional gas-powered cars (as does my new
all-electric Chevy Bolt),” said Nye, an actual Bolt EV owner! “If the reused
lower stage ...

Electric tuk-tuks can significantly reduce the economic to
electric cars
 and reduce the carbon footprint of some of the fastest-growing ...
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